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Ever wonder where we got our name?

I remember buying my first comics at a garage sale. Got a big pile for the high price of 3 for a nickel ! Flash, and Green Lantern were my favorites, so I grabbed all of them, and this one was in there. And like every other kid in the universe, someone tossed out my comics a couple of years later! But I got this one back, only 20 years later, and it's what I named my first store after. This was a great series. They introduced new characters, who sometimes got their own series. Flash appeared in #4, came back for #8, then #13, #14, and then got his own series starting with Flash #105. Why 105 and not #1? Well, there was another Flash, Jay Garrick, and back in the 1940's he was the fastest man alive for 104 issues of Flash Comics, sharing the book with Hawkman early on. So Barry Allen picked up the numbering where Jay Garrick left off. The two would even meet up with each other in the ground breaking story "Flash of Two Worlds" in issue # 123. I'm still looking for a real good copy of that one!

Mikes' other favorite Comics.....

Growing up I read everything, and had a lot of favorites. Looking back, it was the story that I loved the most. When story and art clicked, I was really in heaven. Mike Grells run on Warlord was 'my favorite' early on, along with all things Flash and Legion of Superheroes. When I became a "convention dealer", I was surrounded by comics every weekend, and talked shop with a lot of other dealers and collectors. That's when I discovered the Spirit by Will Eisner and fell in love with his style of graphic storytelling. I also rediscoved the early Brave and Bold stories with the Viking Prince and Silent Knight. I'd read them somewhere as a kid, but never owned them. Classics of the silverage and probably what made me enjoy Warlord a few years later. In recent times, the new series of Starman has moved to my number one spot. I love that I can read it all now, in 6 big hardcovers. Really great art, and phenomonal story telling. This is the book I hand to people that "Don't like Superheroes".

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